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“(are we a community?)”

I’d say we are a community because we keep coming together to commune. And in coming together we commune for our multi-varied needs in an interaction which allows us to leave this space and develop our own mutual commons in essentially a non-reciprocal way.

Yes this community is an anchor in my life as well as a platform which forms a congregation where we merge in community and then apply what we have gleamed in each of our local communities, I would say.

Regardless of what we do in our personal lives there must be, I assume, a form of “Magik-Realite and the cosmic causal field” that unites us.

I have been turning on many dimes as my assemblage point has stabilized into the pattern I have been “intending” since before I joined the pop up school.

The patterns have quickened since joining in conjunction with many points coming together for me to take the shape to be able to handle the quickening.

I am not experiencing a change of course but a quickening to enable me to form the shape in my lifestyle within my local community in order for me and my community to be able to handle this “time between worlds.”

In this way maybe I have accelerated in order to be prepared to change course within and without the present moment.

I would have enjoyed in todays Solut Session to have discussed the Reversal which your intuition brought to you Bonnie. Because you have a way of bringing our attention to things hidden in plain sight. I would love to hear more.

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I will miss everyone and our communing during my travels over the next couple of months. My husband and I have been hospicing his 100 year old mom, and she passed yesterday. A precious time. Off to the wilderness!

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