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I really love what you’ve written here, Bonnie.

How exquisite that the being of a human is formed by inter-being. The embryo comes together with and by the stuff of the mother, energetic, emotional, physical, dna and also hormones, immunity and nutrients. Even after birth nursing continues to transmit both nutrition and immunity and serotonin in the pleasurable moments (not all nursing is easy/pleasureful...in which case, the anxiety and stress is also transmitted). It took me a long time to understand my presence my body my voice as a transmission, despite how clear this connection is, as an experiential flow to be tracked, traced, slowed. What a gift my authentic movement practice was post partum to have a space to practice gently to let go of the tight overlap.

And then if we expand our frame, to a global scale, we are, as humans, along with all other life forms, utterly dependent on the body of earth, her abundance feeds us energetically emotionally physically as we find ourselves in an experiential flow with what holds us, the space, the texture, the elements, the narratives of place.

This intersection of self and world...affective and perceptual and ongoing. this is something I want to explore more.

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This is a brilliant distillation and an interpretation of experience that draws on many fields of inquiry while also trimming much of the dead-end baggage that has been accumulating through history. The moment you comprehend what Bonnie is saying, you can't help but feel the whole process playing out locally in that same moment. It also aligns with everything I happen to know about how nature evolves and operates. Knowing the big story of nature in which this process unfolds brings with it a sense of a deep, recursive continuity; that my experience is not only mine but an elegant fractal of the whole.

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Hey Bonny: unrelated to the topic. Is there a conviviality lounge today (march 26th) at 12 eastern?

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